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I’m a published author, passionate about reading and writing mystery, thriller, and suspense romances where passion flares and danger lurks around every corner.

The Greek Islands—alluring destinations that cast a spell on the visitor from the very first moment—are among my favorite settings. I have written a series of standalone mystery romance novels—The Greek Isles Series—each taking place on a different island.

In this series, dark mysteries mingle with sizzling romances while the exquisite beauty of the enchanting Greek Islands will steal the reader’s heart away.

Award-winning, bestseller Spellbound in His Arms is the first novel published in The Greek Isles Series. In this suspenseful tale of murder, deceit, and political cover-up, sexy investigative reporter Jackie Alexander ignites the fury and stirs the passion of mysterious police detective Michael Apostolou. The action unfolds on majestic Corfu in the dazzling aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Bestseller Deadly Secrets is the second novel published in The Greek Isles Series. Stunning Helena Sistakis and seductive Captain Dimitris Nikolaou confront each other—and make sparks—in this suspenseful tale of murder, betrayal, and forbidden love. The action unfolds on picturesque Mykonos in the sparkling sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea.

The Heiress of Santorini is the third novel published in The Greek Isles Series. The startling truth about her billionaire client drives breathtaking insurance manager Alexandra Stewart over the edge. But it cannot quell her desire for sinfully handsome and off-limits Mark Taylor. This suspenseful tale of non-stop action, conspiracy, and forbidden love unfolds in Atlanta, New York, and on the awe-inspiring island of Santorini—a precious gem in the Aegean Sea that is still an active volcano with spectacular rock formations, impressive lunar landscapes, and breathtaking red and black sand beaches.

Award-winning, Dark Shadows of the Past is the fourth novel published in The Greek Isles Series. Dazzling Christina Connors is caught in a deadly game of conspiracy, vengeance, and murder while desperately trying to conceal her real identity. Seductively handsome police detective Dan Mallory puts his job and life on the line to protect this feisty enchantress from the threat hovering over her. The non-stop action and sizzling romance unfold in Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, and the island of Kefalonia—the fascinating setting of ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ in the amazing aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Lethal Web of Passion is the fifth novel published in The Greek Isles Series. Startling legal assistant Eleanna Welsh has a secret… Ever since her father was forced to walk out on them, she’s been training in martial arts to confront the evil mind who destroyed her family. Now the time has come, and Eleanna finds herself with an inheritance of a luxury resort on the Greek island of Skopelos—the breathtaking setting of ‘Mamma Mia’—and a powerful and seductive partner, Stephanos Ioannou. As danger and passion collide, the mystifying island seems to hide far more secrets than Eleanna expected. A mystery man, a ruthless assassin, an authoritative Contessa and her lifelong enemies weave a lethal web, full of danger, betrayal, and passion.

Harbor in the Storm is the sixth novel published in The Greek Isles Series. Stunning Natalie Asimakis returns to Atlanta from a trip to find an anonymous letter that tore her peaceful life apart—her husband, reporter James Cassidy, has been kidnapped. Danger, betrayal and deadly secrets of her husband’s now revealed double life place Natalie’s life in jeopardy. The only one she can turn to for help is Daniel McKenzie—a prominent attorney with powerful connections. But there is a problem… Natalie and Daniel once had a stormy love affair that left indelible scars on her body and soul. The non-stop action unfolds in Atlanta and the amazing Greek island of Skiathos—a paradise with lush pine forests and crystal-clear sapphire waters.

The Greek Isles Collection Vol. 1 is a box set of books 1, 2 and 3 in the popular Greek Isles Series of Romantic Mysteries and Thrillers.

The Greek Isles Collection Vol. 2 is a box set of books 4, 5 and 6 in the popular Greek Isles Series of Romantic Mysteries and Thrillers.

Angel has also started a new collection of novellas full of passion, danger, and intrigue—The Alluring Love Collection.

Whispers in the Wind is the first novella published in The Alluring Love Collection. Blackmailed by a ruthless mastermind, Emily Stone finds herself on the Greek island of Alonnisos, impersonating the golden heiress of a luxury beach resort. Seductive Captain Andreas Aliveris is torn between his irresistible attraction to the stunning imposter and his need to protect a loved one. Can passion overcome suspicions and regrets in this game of danger, betrayal, and greed?

Eternal Soul Mates is the second novella in The Alluring Love Collection. Intriguing Joanna Williams is haunted by suspicions of her parents’ mysterious past and scorching dreams of a captivating stranger. Trying to find some answers, she visits her parent’s birthplace—the Greek Island of Zakynthos. Seductive Alexandros Kortesis is the owner of a corporation that owns a luxury resort on Zakynthos and other properties and businesses all over Greece. Alexandros is drawn to Joanna like no other, but there is a problem… His family’s legacy is threatened by a dark secret. And unfortunately, Joanna is the one trying to uncover that secret. Danger and passion collide as the two soul mates—unaware that they were lovers in a past life—confront each other while at the same time try to resist the compelling force that draws them together. Eternal Soul Mates will be available Fall 2017.